EOD Dock Leveler

EOD Leveler (Edge-of-Dock)


  • $1,225.00

An edge of dock leveler is used to bridge the gap from the edge of a loading area to a truck or ramp. As opposed to a dockboard, EODs are fixed to the loading dock. Copperloy edge of dock levelers are ideal for use when trucks are backing up to a dock. With a simple pull of the handle, the leveler will lift over the top truck height for easy positioning. They mount easily to most docks, and are available in 66 inch, 72 inch, 78 inch and 84 inch widths. Our shipping dock leveler is capable of servicing trucks 5 inches above or below dock levels and is available in both 20,000 and 30,000 lb. models.

These are the perfect solution for when dock space is limited, or when the working range of a full-size, pit-style edge of dock leveler is not needed. Each Copperloy EOD is available with hydraulic or mechanical activation (lift) for smooth and reliable operation.

Simply pull back the handle and the lip will mechanically lift over the dock height. Then, a slight forward push of the handle will position the lip onto the truck floor.

All of our edge of dock levelers for sale are available with our quick, 3-day shipping.

Each Copperloy edge of dock leveler is smooth and easy to operate. Whether using the handle or the wall-mounted push button (on the hydraulic unit) your EOD extends fully to the height of the trailer bed for safe freight handling. All the benefits of the mechanical system are also available in our hydraulic material handling dock leveler models.

To ensure product durability, the EOD has been designed and engineered using a three dimensional engineering software package.

Quick, easy lifting and positioning: Our exclusive lift mechanism and spring assembly sets the board in place with one-quarter the effort needed to operate conventional edge of dock levelers.

Push button operation on hydraulic models.

Ideal for retrofit: The Copperloy Edge of Dock leveler easily mounts to the face of almost any dock. Transition plates and approach ramps are also available.

Safety: Every Copperloy Edge of Dock Leveler is equipped with a safety maintenance strut to secure the unit while performing routine maintenance.

Low maintenance: Maintenance is reduced to simple lubrication of hinges which come equipped with grease fittings.

How thick is the steel on the EOD?

On our 30k capacity, it is ½ inch thick.

What is the diameter of the EOD handle?
1.315 inch diameter

How much force is on the lever (handle)?

What is the freight class for an EOD for shipping?
Freight class 60

What lip sizes do you have?
On our standard EOD, the lip is 14.4 inches and on our Refer EOD, the lip is 16 inches

What is the lip projection of an EOD?
On our standard EOD, the projection is 12 inches and on our Refer EOD the projection is 14 inches

What are the weights of your EOD€™s?
SEL2066CG = 489lbs     SEL2066CRG = 504lbs.
SEL2072CG = 505lbs     SEL2072CRG = 520lbs
SEL3066CG = 524lbs     SEL3066CRG = 539lbs
SEL3072CG = 563lbs     SEL3072CRG = 583lbs
SEL3078CG = 598lbs     SEL3078CRG = 615lbs
SEL3084CG = 625lbs     SEL3084CRG = 642lbs

What is the service height range on an EOD?
Plus or minus 5 inches

Can anything be added to the bumpers to prolong wear?
Yes. We can add Steel face bumper guards

How many EODs can fit on a pallet?
We can ship up to 6 EODs on one pallet

How far apart are the holes on the 2-hole bumpers?
The holes are 7€³ apart on center.

Can you reduce the bend on your EOD?
Yes. We can reduce the bend from our standard 8˚to 5˚ . The height range will change to plus or minus 3 inches (not available on our Refer Models)

Why do I need a refer lip EOD?
Our refer model EOD are used for refrigerated trucks.

Can you make an EOD with no bends?
NO. An EOD will not work with any bends. The EOD will hit the truck and not be able to extend.

What does an EOD come with?
An EOD comes with (2) steel bumper blocks, (2) rubber bumpers and an activation handle.

What type of channel is required for installing an EOD?
We recommend a minimum of an 8 inch steel channel with upper and lower straps alternating every 10 inches with end straps on top.

How does an EOD attach to the dock?
The EOD should be continuously welded to the dock edge channel. If a channel is not present then a transition plate is required.

Can an existing EOD be converted to a hydraulic EOD?
Yes. A hydraulic power pack can be added to a manual EOD to convert it to a hydraulic EOD.

Can pallet jacks be used on an Edge of Dock?
Pallet jacks are not recommend on an Edge of Dock. It will be very bumpy for a pallet jack and it could bottom out with any height variation.

How long is an Edge of Dock activation handle?
The activation handle is 42 inches long.

Ships freight class 60.


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