Hydraulic EOD Edge of Dock Leveler lifting cylinder operation Copperloy

Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler (EOD)


  • $1,240.00

Push-button operation. Edge-of-dock (EOD) leveler raised by hydraulic lifting cylinder. 

All EOD levelers include the Dock Bumpers & Bumper Bocks, which are used to protect the leveler from damage. 


  • The hydraulic pump, motor and cylinder are housed on a single bracket for easy wall mount installation.
  • In the event of a power failure, the cylinder arm can be disconnected from the ramp plate bracket allowing for mechanical operation of the leveler unit.
  • Lift assist extension springs remain on our hydraulic edge of dock levelers.
  • Hydraulic EODs (edge of dock) are supplied with an activation pull-handle, which doubles as a safety maintenance strut.

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