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Mobile Portable Dock Yard Ramp

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  • $18,998.67

Portable dock ramps transform open space into a freight-handling center. This versatile piece of loading dock equipment will expand your current dock capacity and provide loading areas where no dock exists, without new construction. Our mobile yard ramps provide ground-level access to semi-trucks, railcars or buildings. Easy mobility makes it simple to move from job to job and handle freight with a fork lift or lift truck anywhere.

A wide range of mobile yard ramps are available, with maximum capacities up to 30,000 lbs.  The standard loading dock ramp is steel. Aluminum ramps with steel grating are available.

8-Foot Level Section - Our portable yard ramps give the forklift easy access to trucks and loading docks alike. Since they are easy to maneuver, they can be useful in most loading and unloading conditions, especially when room is tight and a truck can’t access the loading dock.

15-Inch Lip Into Trailer - Deep overlap of ramp frame at the high end assures that the ramp rests firmly on the carrier body or dock floor. Our mobile yard ramps have eight-foot-long safety chains and hooks to provide added security and increase safety. When correctly rigged, chains join the yard ramps and vehicles into a single unit.

Hydraulic Cylinder - The single cylinder allows the ramp to raise evenly every time.  The undercarriage is easily accessible for maintenance and repair.  With a single cylinder design, there are less parts to maintain.

Manual Pump - The single acting hydraulic hand pump design requires half the effort needed to raise ramp compared to other mobile ramps. The pump is relocated so that it is protected away from dirt, debris, damage and makes maintenance easier to perform. The handle is stored out of the way when not in use.

Low/Shallow End Plate - Because the end plate is shorter than the wheelbase of most forklift trucks, front-drive wheels can reach high traction grating on the ramp, while rear wheels are still on the ground. The portable yard ramp 36″ approach plate is beveled from the underside to provide a smooth ground-level entry, eliminating jolts and bumps when fork trucks travel on and off the ramp.

Safety Side Curbs - 7″ safety curbs to prevent accidental runoff. Exclusive hollow section design and proprietary box frame construction take the stress of heavy loads and the extra strain of cargo breakout.

Easy Positioning Steve - The position sleeve allows the ramp to maneuver 180 degrees which reduces loading/unloading time and increases productivity.  The fork slides into the positioning sleeve and the ramp can easily be positioned into place.  The positioning sleeve is included with all steel mobile yard ramps.  The sleeve is not intended for long distance towing.

Short Distance Towing - The towbar is an option on both steel and aluminum mobile yard ramps which attaches to the lower end of the ramp. It allows the ramp to be towed a short distance (within your facility). The max towing speed is 5-mph and is not intended for over the road towing.

Capacity: 20,000lbs

Length: 36-foot

Width: 84" 

Weight: 6,200lbs

Service Range: 38" to 65"