Steel Faced Dock Bumpers

Steel Faced Dock Bumpers


  • $478.93

Protect your building and loading docks from heavy traffic!



  • Ideal for use in docking areas where excessive friction rom up and down trailer movement occurs
  • Can be used in any material-handling system are where heavy-duty protection is required


  • Available ability to deflect and absorb shock with standard laminated bumper beneath the steel-face
  • Comes in a wide variety of models and can be mounted in various heights, from flush mount to 12"? above dock, depending on highest impact area


  • 80% recycled material from fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from selected recycled truck tires
  • Rubber pads laminated between structural steel angles and secured with 3/4" steel tie rods
  • Standard pad thickness at 4-12"? and 6"? thick
  • Heights at 6"?, 10"? and 12"?
  • Steel face is heavy 3/8"? thick, heavy duty, high carbon steel that is mounted to standard laminated dock bumper


  • Structural mounting angles permit welded installations or provide bolting through steel
  • No assembly required


Finish to be black only

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