How much does a dock leveler cost?

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How much does a dock leveler cost? 

With the wide variety of sizes, capacities & features - dock leveler prices can vary by quite a bit.

  • Answer: $3,500 - $10,000 for a pit mounted leveler (Material ONLY)
  • If no electrical wiring is needed, you could anticipate spending around $500 for installation.
  • Other pricing considerations include: concrete work, curb steel, freight, tax, electrical installation. 
  • There are numerous considerations when pricing a dock leveler. 
    • Manual activation (pull-chain, mechanical operation, non-powered) vs. Powered (hydraulic, air bag)
    • Size: 6'x6' up to 7'x12'
    • Capacity: 30,000lbs up to 80,000lbs
    • Dock leveler capacity is a "DYNAMIC" rating. Imagine the difference between standing on a scale vs. jumping up and down. Forklifts apply a tremendous amount of dynamic force when carrying a load across a dock plate. This forces the dock plate to float & flex to accommodate the loading of air ride suspension trailers. 
  • The total cost of a new dock leveler will typically include freight, tax and installation
  • Budget $7,500 for a leveler from a reputable manufacturer. 
  • Cheap levelers come at a HIGH cost to your facility.
    • Down-time and inability to ship/receive 
    • Frequent repairs and costly parts
    • This is nothing more costly than an injury at your loading dock. SAFETY. SAFETY. SAFETY. SAFETY.

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