What is the standard loading dock height?

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What is the standard loading dock height?

1.) In North America, the most commonly found dock height is 48–52 inches or (120–130 cm), though heights of up to 55 inches (140 cm) occur as well. A dock leveler can be used to  bridge the gap between a truck and a warehouse to safely accommodate a forklift

Standard Loading Dock Height

  • Many facilities may choose a different dock height based upon unique trailer configurations. 
  • A standard 53' trailer has a bed height @ 48".
  • Overseas shipping containers @ 52"+
  • Straight Trucks / Box Trucks @ 40" - 50"
  • An incline or decline approach can affect the the dock height. BEWARE: If a truck is backing down a steep slope, the top of the truck can strike the building if adequate bumper projection is not achieved. In situations where a level approach is not available, the dock leveler can be cantilevered out from the building. 

Standard Loading Dock Height for Dock Leveler Warehouse Semi Trailer

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