Safety for Kids, LDP Style!!

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Basic Safety Tips to Be Used in the Class Room

Safety is incredibly important in every walk of life! From the classroom, to the store, and even crossing the road with your parents!  Here at Loading Dock Pro our safety is a little bit different than what your safety might be in the classroom. However, the same principles apply and must be followed.

                We have to follow a set of rules put in place by an organization called OSHA, OSHA is very similar to your teacher and you must always follow the rules otherwise you might get in trouble or even worse yourself or someone else hurt!! Which of course we don’t want that.

One Example of a Rule we have to follow is that we always have to wear hard hats to protect our heads from being hit! See Below

Another rule is that we must always wear boots with steel toes on them to protect our feet from being hurt!

Another rule is that we must always wear safety glasses to protect our eyes!

Another Rule is we must wear ear plugs to protect our hearing!

Another rule we have to follow is to stay between the yellow lines to prevent us from being hurt! I know many times in school there can be a line leader and everyone must stay in a nice line! This is to prevent anyone from getting hurt and make sure everyone arrives to their destination safely!

We just like you have to always make sure we are being safe! So make sure you are always listening to your teachers to stay safe!

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