The Dangers of Repairing Dock Levelers

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Each and every year hundreds of deaths occur during the unprepared repair of broken dock levelers, we are a company that supports the DIY'er and listed below are some tips that will help you avoid any unnecessary accidents.

  • Always have appropriate restraints in place
  • Refer to your loading dock manual for appropriate precautions (Note:If you don't have one please make sure that you are referring to our loading dock manuals page or emailing us on how to get one)
  • Do Not Prop anything under the dock leveler including a 4x4, as it only takes a slight movement or bump for 2000 pounds of steel to be crashing down on your head
  • Use Appropriate Safety Gear
  • Make sure other springs and bolts in surrounding areas are at the proper level of maintenance or tightness otherwise a failure in one of these areas could lead to an unwanted result.

Please Remember These Safety Tips as you are working on your dock leveler, and using your Loading Dock Pro Leveler Parts

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