Pioneer Dock Equipment has manufactured and distributed a large range of dock equipment for nearly 40 years. Located in Spring Hill Tennessee, Pioneer Dock offers a complete line of pit style dock levelers including mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic/air-bag levelers in various weight capacities. Pioneer focuses on mechanical/manual and hydraulic edge of dock levelers available. For situations where a leveler pit is not available but the working loads exceed that of an edge of dock leveler, they offer a hydraulic top-of-dock leveler that will solve many retrofit problems related to a loading dock that is too short. In addition to their levelers, Pioneer has full lines of dock boards and ramps, seals and shelters, truck restraints, and dock accessories including control panels, bumpers, wheel chocks, operating lights, fans, traffic lights, and pallet jacks. Also offered under the Pioineer brand is their line of sentry guard products, which includes overhead door protectors, track guards, mezzanine gates, down spout protectors and dock ladders.