WB McGuire is one of the anchor brands for Systems Inc. For nearly 45 years, McGuire manufacturing has been among the industry leaders in the manufacture of loading dock equipment. They focus exclusively on providing safe and efficient dock solutions for the customer and end user. Remaining on the cutting edge of the dock industry, McGuire develops new products in response to changes in not only customer needs, but also changes in safety protocols and warehouse design, deploying new technologies to drive performance. They carry full lines of dock levelers, including mechanical pit-mounted levelers, barrier lip levelers, edge-of-dock levelers, vertically storing levelers, in addition to custom options to suit the customer's specific demands. Their pit-style dock plates are available in hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical options. Barrier lip levelers are available in hydraulic and pneumatic/air-powered packages, as well as hydraulic and mechanical for the edge-of-dock levelers. Supplementing their dock levelers, they manufacture automatic and manual vehicle restraints, as well as dock door seals and shelters. 

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