Completing the brand-trifecta of the Systems Inc. family, Poweramp and their products are well established, and are part of the large network of products and dealers within the Systems Inc. family. Dating back to 1961, Poweramp has been a premier supplier of quality dock levelers and dock equipment. Committed to increased efficiency and safety, Poweramp has been known for quality products and a good value for decades. They offer a complete range of concrete pit mount levelers driven by hydraulic, air power, and mechanical options. Similarly, Poweramp produces specialty levelers for almost any loading dock solution. Manufacturing mechanical edge of dock levelers, XL-series heavy duty hydraulic levelers, as well as VS-series and RCR-series levelers that store vertically and allow there dock door to form a perfect seal with the floor, ideal for food storage and temperature sensitive warehouses. Also offered is the "Lizard Lip" leveler with an extendable lip in order to safely reach the back of trailers for loading and unloading of material. Their hydraulic truck leveler can be used to assist smaller/lower trucks in reaching dock height for safe loading and unloading. Their dock bridge can be used to provide a safe method of travel across rail tracks and connections between buildings for forklifts, personnel, and material. In addition to the dock equipment, they also offer safety products such as vehicle restraints, dock communication systems, and safety barriers, as well as various dock accessories.

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