What does a dock leveler do?

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What does a dock leveler do?

  • dock leveler is intended to act as a bridge to safely allow for the transfer of goods from a trailer to the building and vice versa.
  • Allowllow a forklift to safely load/unload a semi-truck.
  • Not all loading docks and trailers are the same height, therefore we must bridge the gap between the building and truck in a way that allows for the safe & efficient loading of trailers. A great dock plate will allow you to keep your product, personnel and property safe.
  • In general, a longer leveler will provide greater service range, allowing you to service very tall or short trailers.
  • Because semi-trailers are equipped with air-ride suspension, there can be a modest amount of bouncing around when loading. The dock leveler is designed to float vertically, and flex laterally - to keep stress from being transferred directly to your concrete.
  • Before buying a new dock leveler, always consider the type of trucks/trailers you use. 

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