How to Do Preventive Maintenance on Loading Docks

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Loading dock equipment can many times be one of the most dangerous parts of a warehouse and need to be respected as such. Installed and used based on the manufactures guidelines, as they are there for a reason. Generally things occur when people decide to vary from what is prescribed.

Please use these tips as an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure!

Be familiar with what is called for by the manufactures guidelines, it is incredibly important to remember what is prescribed by the manufacture. Make sure to read and understand the manual fully as compliance could be the cost of a workman's comp claim, or even worse a life. 

Make sure that you have the right person operating the leveler, they out to have gone through training regiments, and the proper certification in order to prevent any accidents.

The person should be

Should be physically fit to operate the device and has a positive work attitude (doesn’t operate the device under the influence of drugs or alcohol).

After selecting the right person, make sure he reads and understands the owner’s manual.
Practice safe operating precautions.

Remember to always disconnect or remove the safety devices or vehicle restraint, make sure that safety or warning signs are intact and never removed, Never operate the equipment if the unauthorized personnel have not been transferred outside the operating area.

Make sure that there are no objects that do not belong when a trailer is approaching or leaving the loading dock area.

Keep hands and all body parts from moving parts.

Please do not use a damaged dock leveler, and make sure that you have a reputable service company check your repair equipment. Always keep in mind that the lip of a dock leveler should extend a minimum onto the truck. Maintain a safe distance on all side edges

Avoid drastic changes in overloading the dock leveler, or drastic changes in height.

Make sure your dock leveler is ready before the maintenance.

Arrange the leveler properly; in vertical manner with lip extended.

Maintenance props should be securely placed in the lowered upkeep standpoint.

Impose safety measures during maintenance.

Practice the lockout tag out procedure, turn off all electrical power source when using your dock leveler. Lock the equipment with locking device approved by OSHA regulations. Warning signs must be placed in the work station.

Never grind or weld when flammable materials are nearby make sure to have a fire extinguisher close, when doing these things. 

Make sure to check the users guide to limit the platform for bleeding hydraulic structure.

Inspect the roller track for correct form and must be clear from any unknown objects.

Take away any device that may be banded to the dock leveler. 

Ensure that the lifting brackets and mounting structure are intact. Brackets should swivel deliberately to the mounting jolt.


Electrical cable should be interconnected and Placards are easy to read and are placed in assigned areas

Raise the dock leveler and turn off all sources of power.

Make sure that you routinely are checking and immediately replacing those broken panels

Place barricade and safety warnings on the work area.
All maintenance, service and replacement of parts should be written down as documentation will support that you are still liable for the product warranty.

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