Loading Dock Safety Tips Cont'd

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 If you are a warehouse manager or a worker in the warehouse you are more than likely well aware that the loading dock is one of the busiest areas of the warehouse.

There are undoubtedly a lot of moving parts in a warehouse however its incredibly important to remember that if you can understand how everything is working together. Nearly 25 percent of all warehouse accidents occur at or around the loading dock. 

Here are some safety tips and how to avoid those ever so treacherous hazards



Shifting trailer loads


Any truck or trailer is subject to loads that might move around or shift, regardless of how they have been packed. This is an incredibly common hazard and its very important to be aware of this in order to prevent loads from sliding out the back of the truck, or even worse falling on someone.


Slip and fall injuries

Slipping and falling is something that is not a laughing matter, it happens each and every day around the loading dock. Especially when rain and snow may get in from either opening the door, or possibly a neglected dock shelter or door. So make sure to clean up any spills or hazards around the loading dock. Also be fully aware of any rain or possible condensation that might occur in the loading dock area.

Double-check all equipment

Since the loading dock has  so many moving parts you must be so much more precise than anywhere else in the warehouse. You must Inspect what you expect. Including but not limited to dock plates, Pallet Racks, Warehouse Shelves and any other storage solution that you might use. Secure everything as much as you can in order to prevent that oh so unwanted movement.


Secure all trailers when they arrive

Since you are moving many loads off and onto the trailer, and have many parts and pieces as aforementioned coming and going. Tractor trailers can be subject to what is known as trailer creep which causes separation between the tractor trailer and the warehouse loading dock. So make sure you secure using some of our Loading Dock Pro wheel chocks or restraint equipment!

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